Dunton Hot Springs Wedding Filmed on Vintage Super 8

Dunton Hot Springs

Nikhil and Nicole

They basically got married in the Wild West. Dunton is a tiny huddle of log cabins that sit on the west fork of the Dolores River in the San Juan Mountains. What we are saying is that this venue is remote. If you want some fresh air and to completely get away for your wedding, Dunton Hot Springs is your wedding venue.

In the 1880’s, Dunton Hot Springs was a thriving little town for miners and gold diggers. People settled here because of the hot springs, the springs were a good sign of minerals in the ground.

Dunton really never took off as a thriving town because of it’s location, it was simply too remote and residents struggled with isolation. By 1919 when the trains were accessible, everyone abandoned Dunton to be near the railways, leaving Dunton a true ghost town. Since then Dunton has operated as a dude ranch, cattle ranch, and a luxury resort.

In the 1990’s the property was purchased with the intent of turning Dunton into the ultimate luxury getaway but also preserve the history. The cabins have been named after those who built them, lived in them, or for the purpose they serve. Dunton can give you a real sense of stepping back in time, you can find charcoal graffiti in the Bath House dating back as late as the 1800’s. You can hear echos of the American Frontier here. And it’s been said that Butch Cassidy had bellied up to the Dunton bar for a drink, the same bar that sits there today.

Dunton Hot Springs is an incredible wedding venue to say the least.

Nikhil and Nicole visited Dunton before they decided to get married there. It only took them a few minutes on the property and they knew right then this was the place they would have their wedding. This wedding was laid back, easy, and fun. Exactly how a wedding should be. And we were just happy to have been a part of it.

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Tools: Canon 514XL. Kodak Tri-X. Kodak 50D, and Kodak 200T.

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